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Courtneys-War01An epic tale of war and passion. Two star-crossed lovers must fight for their countries in the hope they may survive the war and find each other amidst the ruins of Europe.


In War Cry, we were introduced to the newest member of the famous family, the brilliant and brave Saffron Courtney. Saffron meets and falls in love with the idealistic Gerhard von Meerbach, who is struggling to come to terms with the path his family and country are taking in 1930s Germany, only for them to be cruelly separated by the arrival of WW2.


In Courtney's War, we follow Saffron and Gerhard throughout the war as they fight for their countries in the hope that one day peace will come and they will find each other once again.


Saffron spends the war as an agent in the Special Operations Executive, risking her life in daredevil missions behind enemy lines. To protect his family, Gerhard must hide his opposition to the war and the Nazi party, and work as a fighter pilot. Ultimately his opinions and hatred for the brutal regime will lead him into very dangerous waters.


A dramatic, compelling adventure, filled with truly gripping scenes of the brutality of war. It's also a story of love. Love for one's country and the undying love of two people for each other against all the odds.


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Graffiti Boeke

Ta-DaAs jy jou gaste wil beïndruk, maar nie ure voor die stoof wil deurbring nie, is Ta Da! net die kookboek vir jou.


Tuis, Suid-Afrika se voorste dekor- en tuingids, se resepte is ewegewild as hulle mooimaakplanne. Dié tydskrif se kosredakteur, Johané Neilson, het die resep vervolmaak om met maklike truuks indrukwekkende kos voor te sit. Sy deel handige wenke vir hoe om die ta-da! in ’n gewone dis te sit en dit moeiteloos soos ’n Michelin-maal te laat lyk.


Die boek is ingedeel volgens die seisoene en bevat alles van ligte somersmaaltye tot koesterende winterskos, resepte vir bykosse en liplekker nageregte. Daar is alles van kerrieviskoekies en potgebraaide bief met spek en biltong tot botterskorsie-rolkoek en klapperkoek.


Dit was nog nooit so maklik om jou geliefdes te beïndruk nie!


If you want to impress your guests without spending hours in the kitchen Ta-da! is just the recipe book for you. It contains a selection of the most popular recipes published in top décor and gardening magazine Tuis/Home. It shows you how, with a few easy tricks, you can turn an ordinary dish into a Michelin-star meal.


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Graffiti Boeke

Melusis-Everyday-ZuluWhat can one word do? If used correctly, it can make us laugh and make us cry. With Melusi’s Everyday Zulu, Melusi Tshabalala has been demonstrating the power of a single word. Every single day (except Sundays), he posts a single Zulu word on his Facebook profile accompanied by a left-field explanation and examples of its use.

His unique writing style, wonky sense of humour, frank political commentary and razor-sharp social observations give his readers a one-of-a-kind insight into not only isiZulu but the world Melusi inhabits, as a 21st century Zulu man.


Within a few short months, Melusi’s Everyday Zulu has built up a huge following. His fans love him for his honesty and commitment to pointing out subtle and overt forms of prejudice and racism. He holds up a mirror that shows South African society in all its flaws but also its sheer humanity. He makes us laugh at ourselves and with each other.


From mid-February, Melusi’s Everyday Zulu will be featured on Jenny Crwys-Williams’s show on Kaya FM.


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Death-and-TaxesNothing in life is certain, except death and taxes – or so the saying goes. South African tax dodgers and criminals – from drug dealers and rhino horn smugglers to one of the hitmen who shot Brett Kebble – have come to realise this truth the hard way.


Former tax sleuth and bestselling author of Rogue, Johann van Loggerenberg, was at the centre of several such high-profile SARS cases that spanned many years. He offers a riveting insider’s view on some of these cases, like the investigations into Dave King, Billy Rautenbach, Barry Tannenbaum, as well as Jacob Zuma, Julius Malema and others.


Since the early days of democracy, a small but determined band of people at SARS who fulfilled various investigative functions came to know every trick and scam in the book, and developed the expertise on how best to hold tax dodgers to account. Their cases often dragged on for years, with many of the defendants using every legal trick to fight back – but SARS never gave up.


Van Loggerenberg also revisits events around the hollowing out of the tax authority post-2014 and brings the reader up to date on the extraordinary occurrences at SARS since the new dawn of the Cyril Ramaphosa era.


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