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The Virus

Ben Martynoga and Moose Allain


It's 15,000 times smaller than a flea and we can kill it with a bar of soap – so how did a tiny, fragile virus change the world?

Join science expert Dr Ben Martynoga and illustrator extraordinaire Moose Allain on a fascinating, sometimes funny, and occasionally scary journey through the world of viruses.

Explore the science behind viruses and the COVID-19 pandemic in a fascinating story of hijacked human cells and our own internal emergency services.

Along the way, you'll learn what viruses are, how they work, and how we can overcome – or at least learn to live alongside – those that do us harm.


Ben Martynoga is a biologist and science writer. After a decade in the lab exploring the insides of brain cells, he swapped his white coat for a pen. Since then he has written about everything from the latest tech innovations to re-wilding, running, stress, creativity, microbes and the history of science. Always aiming to make scientific research as clear and relevant as possible, he publishes and edits books, articles, blogs, videos and podcasts. He loves talking about science — and why it matters — with children and adults alike at science festivals, in classrooms or anywhere else. His writing appears in The Guardian, New Statesman, The i, the Financial Times and beyond. He lives, works, wanders and wonders (often all at once) in the Lake District.

Category:  Popular Science
ISBN:  9781788452106
Publisher:  David Fickling Books
On sale:  November 2020
Format:  Paperback
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