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Is Maths Real?

Eugenia Cheng

Why is -(-1) = 1?

Why do odd and even numbers alternate?

What's the point of algebra?

Is maths even real?

From imaginary numbers to the perplexing order of operations we all had drilled into us, Eugenia Cheng - mathematician, writer and woman on a mission to rid the world of maths phobia - brings us maths as we've never seen it before, revealing how profound insights can emerge from seemingly unlikely sources.

Written with intelligence and passion, Is Maths Real? is a celebration of the true, curious spirit of the discipline.

Eugenia Cheng is Scientist in Residence at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago and Honorary Visiting Fellow of Pure Mathematics at City, University of London. A Cambridge graduate, she previously taught at the Universities of Cambridge, Chicago and Nice. She is also a concert pianist, fluent in French, and the author of several Profile bestsellers, including How to Bake Pi and x + y.

Category:  Popular Science: Mathematics
Publisher:  Profile Books Ltd
On sale:  July 2023
Format:  Hardback
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