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Join the Greener Revolution - 30 easy ways to live and eat sustainably

Ollie Hunter

Tackling sustainability in our day-to-day lives and delving into the flaws in our current systems and cycles, Ollie Hunter explores future options to create and live in a more sustainable world. The book is split into three main sections exploring how we make our homes more green, ideas for collaborating with our local community, and then looking at a global scale. All the chapters also feature Ollie's recipes to cook.

30 Easy Ways to Join the Green Revolution is a manifesto calling for us to come together, take responsibility for how we can all make a difference, and strive to rebuild relationships with our local community and our individual connection to the world, and live in a more joyful place.


Ollie Hunter has spent a decade jumping around the foodie world... he started an organic wine importer, cooked street food in Brixton, contested as a MasterChef Semifinalist, worked on organic farms, travelled a lot, eaten a lot more and drunk not as much as he's eaten. He is now running The Wheatsheaf in Chilton Foliat with his wife, which was voted the most "sustainable business" in 2019 by the Sustainable Restaurant Association. His first book, 30 Easy Ways To Join The Food Revolution, was award winning, packed full of easy ways to eat and cook sustainably focusing on Zero Waste, Organic, and 50% within 30 Miles. He truly believes Sustainability is the way forward for everything whether it is food, economics, energy, education, or simply making a loaf of bread... humankind's creativity and kindness will solve our problems and we'll create an even better life than before. The next book, Join The Greener Revolution is again pack full of fun, creative and easy ways to live sustainably, as well as lots more delicious planet saving recipes.

Category:  Food & Drink
ISBN:  9781911641780
Publisher:  Pavilion Books
On sale:  March 2021
List price:  R310 
Format:  Hardback
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