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Fighting for the Dream Why is the ANC so destructive?

Politics web, RW Johnson

EXTRACT: So what are we to make of ‘leaders’ who cheerfully advocate policies that would clearly destroy the national economy? More broadly, how do we account for a leadership that seems bent on repeating policies that have already failed elsewhere? As Einstein said, it is madness to repeat the same actions time and again, expecting a different outcome. 

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WitboyI think people are too critical of South Africa

news24, Alet Janse van Rensburg

"My counter argument is that my great great great grandfather may have been a colonialist, but I'm not. I just have a white skin and am just part of another tribe in Africa. But it does make you wonder if you aren't maybe European. But then you get there and you see that you are definitely African. The way you think and do things are conditioned by your circumstances and where you're from."

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RebelsRebels and Rage - BOOK EXTRACT

Daily Maverick, Adam Habib

It is worth noting that Max Price and I consulted closely throughout the late-2016 protests. For a short while we spoke every night, mostly after 22h00 or 23h00, when he would brief me about developments at UCT and I would do the same for Wits University. We compared strategies and spoke through the advantages and disadvantages of our different responses.

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Girl Stop Apologizing Rachel Hollis reveals the secrets to her success

What are the main points you want to get across in this book?

I hope it encourages women to consider looking at their own dreams as real possibilities instead of just idle thoughts. We have all these “wouldn’t-it-be-nice-ifs.” There are too many women who never step into that for a variety of reasons.

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The Truths Triumphs of Grace AthertonComing to terms with the past…

My Weekly, Karen Byrom

Although music is her life, extraordinarily talented cello player Grace Atherton won’t play in public. Instead she devotes her time to her music shop, where she makes and repairs stringed instruments. Her free time is spent with long-term lover, David, usually at his Paris apartment where they enjoy meals, concerts, shopping expedition, and of course time alone when they can make sweet music of the loving sort.

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DisplacedMalala pens new book on refugee girls



“In We are Displaced, which is part memoir, part communal storytelling, Malala not only explores her own story of adjusting to a new life while longing for home, but she also shares the personal stories of some of the incredible girls she has met on her various journeys - girls who have lost their community, relatives and often the only world they’ve ever known,” the communique added.

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WitboyDeon Maas on writing Witboy in Berlin


The only thing that stands between you and a funny story about Germany is usually a German who will continuously chip away at your argument, interrupt your story to correct it and then have a few questions. In the end the story is not funny anymore. It's only then, realising that your story is falling flat on its face in this new cultural set-up that you find yourself in, that the enormity of moving to Berlin strikes you. I've never been dragged kicking and screaming to a new destination.

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When All is Said BookWhen All is Said

The legacy of the coin, and its curse, is related by the now 84-year-old Maurice, sitting at the bar of the former Dollard residence, which has since been converted into a hotel. Over the course of a single evening in 2014, Maurice lines up five drinks and proposes a toast for each, instigating extended internal monologues dedicated to the five individuals who have most closely shaped his life and experience.

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DisplacedWe Are Displaced


The New York Times, Fernanda Santos

In We Are Displaced, Malala takes us to an earlier time, when she and her family hastily fled their home in Pakistan’s Swat Valley as the army waged war against Taliban forces that had occupied the area. “All you need to know is that when you go through that kind of experience,” she writes, “there are often two extremes: Either you lose hope completely and you shatter and break into pieces, or you become so resilient that no one can break you anymore.”

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Live younger longerLive younger longer

Until recently, our knowledge about ageing well appeared straightforward: low-fat foods – with a good portion of carbohydrates and smaller helpings of proteins and fats – would help us stay healthy. We could further help ourselves by making sure we were getting enough antioxidants, from fruits, vegetables and supplements. 

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Binding author quotes 1The Binding by Bridget Collins

The Times, Patricia Nicol

Bridget Collins has written seven young adult (YA) novels, but her intense, immersive historical fantasy The Binding is her first aimed at an adult audience. Initially, I wondered what defined it as a grown-up read: its protagonists are young and their involving adventure is recounted through three ardent first-person narratives.

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The Subtle ArtCaring less about more—and more about what matters.

Psychology Today, Jennifer Haupt

According to Manson, caring less can actually lead to more happiness. It’s all about the choices we make about what to care about. He uses his own life as an example. “I was a big party guy in my twenties, and kind of a playboy as well,” he explains. “I adopted a lot of values and goals that were fairly superficial and, in many cases, self-destructive. 

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Calm the fuck downCalm the F**k Down

The No F**ks Given Guides

Make every minute count: Summer is such a precious commodity, it would kill me to waste it being late—whether to the beach, a cruise down the Thames, or Act I of Shakespeare in the Park. But then again, I’m a very punctual person. Are you? If not, my guess is that’s because you don’t have a solid idea of how long it takes you to do things like “getting ready to go out” or “leaving work—which is why, in my Get Your Sh*t Together Journal, I give you space to write in a daily task and then record how long it takes you to do it, every day for a week.

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The 5AM ClubFocus on yourself and not on anyone else

Working With: Magazine, Carl Pullein
The question I had was “where would I find the time to consistently study?” The answer to that question was obvious; there really was only one time I could do it — 5 AM. The next question was: Could I wake up at 5 AM?. The reality is I have no choice. If I am serious about becoming fluent in Korean over the next twelve months then studying between 5 AM and 6 AM is the only time I know I can dedicate myself consistently to achieving this goal.
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realInterview with Real Meal Revolution Author, Jonno Proudfoot


This a smaller-format black-and-white book and it’s completely “how-to”-focused – a handbook to help you to Bant as effectively as possible. Basically we’ve taken three years of Banting feedback from thousands of our readers and customers and refined the Real Meal Revolution diet to its most practical, workable form.

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Real MealThe Real Meal Revolution

TimesLive, Staff Reporter

Chef and athlete Jonno Proudfoot is the co-author of the first Banting cookbook The Real Meal Revolution. He's currently working on his fourth book, which he wants to be seen as a delicious cookbook before it's seen as a Banting book.

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Winnie Mandela01The Resurrection Winnie Mandela

news24, Sisonke Msimang

Nelson is allowed only one thirty-minute visit a year. When you see him there is no contact allowed – just your fingers on thick glass and his hand up as though to touch yours. It will be years before you can feel his skin again.

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Always Another CountryAlways Another Country

The New York Times, Lovia Gyarkye

Msimang’s parents believed in an exceptional South Africa, one whose future would be free of injustice. Their daughter learns not to see the world this way. In Canada, a boy in her grade-school class calls her an African monkey, and a group of white girls with whom she became close abruptly exclude her.

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Enemy of the People00Enemy of the People

news24, Pieter du Toit & Adriaan Basson

Shortly after being offered the position of minister in exchange for culling SAA’s Mumbai route, Mentor made an appointment with then SAA CEO, Siza Mzimela. She asked her how long it would take to cultivate an international airline route.

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