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Andrew_Feinstein_credit_Simone_Sultana_500_x_333Andrew Feinstein became an active – and ardent – member of the ANC in the 1980s, and campaigned energetically for the party in the first democratic elections. He was elected to parliament and rose swiftly through the ranks, earning the label ‘Mr Clean’ for his unstinting work against graft and corruption. Andrew Feinstein was an ANC MP for more than seven years before resigning in protest at the party's handling of the multi-billion rand arms deal that was tainted by allegations of high-level corruption. After working in financial services he now writes, lectures and consults on public policy issues, particularly governance, leadership, corruption, diversity and AIDS. He also chairs the Friends of the Treatment Action Campaign UK, London, and is the securities coordinator of Investec Bank UK Ltd. Andrew lives in London with his wife and two children. Books from Andrew Feinstein include After the Party and The Shadow World.


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