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We Have Now Begun Our Descent


We Have Now Begun Our Descent
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We Have Now Begun Our Descent

Justice Malala

ISBN 9781868426799

12 February 2015. The South African secret services block the cellphones of journalists covering Parliament. Opposition party members are violently thrown out of the House. President Jacob Zuma – accused of corruption on a grand scale – laughs uproariously. Where is the country of Nelson Mandela headed?

The institutions of democracy are falling apart or being captured by narrow and deeply corrupt elite built around Zuma. Its infrastructure is collapsing. Its economy cannot provide succour to the eight million who don’t have jobs. Protests over service delivery are on the rise. Does South Africa have the resolve and the leadership to stem the slide?

In a devastating, searing, honest paean to his country, renowned political journalist and commentator Justice Malala forces South Africa to come face to face with the country it has become: corrupt, crime-ridden, compromised and its institutions captured by a selfish political elite that is bent on enriching itself at the expense of the increasingly marginalised masses.

In this deeply personal reflection, Malala’s diagnosis is devastating: South Africa is on the brink. He does not stop there. Malala believes that we have the ingredients to turn things around: our lauded Constitution, our wealth of talent, our history of activism and a democratic trajectory that can be used to stop the rot from setting in. But he has a warning: South Africans need to wake up now, or else they will soon find their country has been stolen.

The Author

justice malala Justice Malala is one of South Africa’s most well-known political analysts.

He was founding editor of This Day newspaper, publisher of the Sowetan and Sunday World, and Sunday Times correspondent in London and New York. He writes a weekly column and presents a weekly TV talk show The Justice Factor.





Reviews, News & Interviews:

The host of The Justice Factor (why did they move this outstanding television talk show slot to an impossible hour on a week night?) is known to be fearless in the face of power but this time he bristles with outrage and disappointment, from the opening sentences: I mean, what book starts with the words “I am angry. I am furious.” The symbols of public disgust are all too familiar — Nkandla, the Guptas and Marikana — while the actions that destroy our country are laid bare — corruption, unequal education and the gross mismanagement of the economy. Malala‘s identification of our compounding failures is not new; it is his crisp diagnosis of the problem that is riveting — a descent into crisis caused by poor leadership. The Rand Daily Mail