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Siya Kolisi: Road to Glory


Siya Kolisi Road to Glory
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Siya Kolisi: Road to Glory

Jeremy Daniel

ISBN 9781868428649

This is a moving story of the rise to fame from humble beginnings of one of South Africa’s most popular rugby stars, written specifically for young readers.

Early on his life, Siya discovered that rugby could be his route out of the grinding poverty in which he had grown up in the Eastern Cape. He worked hard, made sure he was noticed and managed to secure a scholarship to the prestigious Grey College. But he had to adapt quickly to a world he had never encountered, while keeping his roots in the community that he knew and loved.

His hard work and natural ability saw him moving to Cape Town to join the Stormers, trying to break into the Springbok team, and learning to adjust to life at the top of the game that is a national obsession.

Siya Kolisi is part of the ‘Road to Glory’ series, which covers some of South Africa’s sporting legends as they set out on their journeys to becoming national and international stars.

The Author

Jeremy Daniel is an author, screenwriter and a musician. He has written extensively for children’s television and theatre, including as head writer for Takalani Sesame and the book My Forever Friend. Back in the day, he was the founding member and bass player for seminal Cape Town indie band Fetish. He lives in Cape Town with his wife and daughters.







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