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View From City Hall: Reflections on governing Cape Town


A View from City Hall
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View From City Hall : Reflections on governing Cape Town

Patricia de Lille and Craig Kesson

ISBN 9781868427864

"In this world of Metropolis, cities are where most people live and mayors emerge as the enablers of innovation and progress. They get things done. Patricia and Craig take us into the engine room of Cape Town, one of the most beautiful yet complex cities in the world and show us how it is done." Mo Ebrahim, entrepreneur and billionaire.

"I’ve seen firsthand the progress Cape Town has made under Mayor De Lille. Successes in one city often spread to others, and this book provides a valuable guide for how, with a bit of motivated and dynamic leadership, cities can lead the way on the most important issues of our day.” Michael Bloomberg, founder of Bloomberg L.P. and former mayor of New York City.

The City of Cape Town is a place of contrasts, the legacy of apartheid having left a distinct make-up. Yet the challenges confronting the contemporary city are notably aggravated by modern-day factors such as increasing unemployment and poverty.

In this timely work Mayor of Cape Town Patricia de Lille and Craig Kesson, the city’s Director of Policy and Strategy, confront some of the issues of governance: how can the city help overcome social and physical segregation; how can the government live up to the promises made to South Africans; and how can the city function and heal within these limitations.

The Author

Patricia de Lille is a prominent South African politician and the current Mayor of Cape Town. She founded the Independent Democrats in 2003, which merged with South Africa’s long-time official opposition party, the Democratic Alliance in 2005.

Craig Kesson is the Director of Policy and Strategy in the City of Cape Town government. He has been responsible for designing the medium and long-term strategies for the City government and ensuring their delivery, as well as in leading delivery coordination efforts between the City and regional governments.






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