Sugar Free

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Sugar Free 

Karen Thomson

ISBN  9781920289942

Do you crave sweets, puddings, bread, pasta and sauce-laden food? Do you experience lethargy and mood swings as a result of blood glucose spikes and dips? Does your weight see-saw unmanageably?


If the answer to any of these questions is yes, you may be addicted to sugar and be putting your health at risk. Where fat was once regarded as the enemy, scientists now point to the huge amount of sugar we consume as being the real danger to our health.


Karen Thomson’s simple, effective and proven eight-week programme to quit sugar for good will dramatically improve your health while helping you to lost weight. Packed with recent scientific research and nutritional advice, it includes a chapter by research neuroscientist Dr Nicole Avena and provides eight weeks of meal plans, both vegetarian and non-vegetarian, put together by Emily Maguire. There are also journal exercises to help you break free from the mental, physical and emotional traps of unhealthy eating patterns.


This updated international edition of Sugar Free features over 40 new mouth-watering new recipes developed to help you live a low-carb lifestyle.

The Author

Karen Thomson is the founder of the Harmony Eating Lifestyle Program (HELP), the world’s first inpatient programme treating carbohydrate and sugar as an addiction. She started the programme with Professor Tim Noakes, dietician Rael Koping and the Harmony Addictions Clinic. She also has an online programme called ‘The Sugar Free Revolution’.


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To quit sugar for good, buy this book. Dr Aseem Malhotra