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Into the Heart of Darkness: Confessions of Apartheid’s Assassins


into the heart of darkness
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Into the Heart of Darkness: Confessions of Apartheid’s Assassins

Jacques Pauw

ISBN 9781868428922

Jacques Pauw has been an investigative journalist for more than three decades. Before the phenomenal success of The President’s Keepers, he spent years tracking down apartheid death squads. Into the Heart of Darkness, first released in 1997, was the result of this work.

Despite official denials and cover-ups, the rumours of apartheid’s death squads have now been proved to be all too real. Hundreds of anti-apartheid activists were killed and thousands tortured by a group of bizarre assassins, the foot soldiers of apartheid’s secret war.

Jacques Pauw has been more closely involved with apartheid’s killers than any other journalist. For more than seven years, he has hunted them down and become a witness to their secret and forbidden world.

Into the Heart of Darkness will take you on a journey into the minds and lives of the men who went out to kill and kill again. What caused these souls to become so dark and guided them to so much evil?

The Author

jacques pauwJacques Pauw is the author of the bestselling book The President’s Keepers. He is an award-winning journalist, television documentary producer and the author of the Into the Heart of Darkness, Rat Roads, Dances with Devils and Little Ice-Cream Boy. He was a founder member and assistant editor of the independent and anti-apartheid Afrikaans weekly newspaper Vrye Weekblad and wrote for several newspapers before becoming a current affairs television producer where he covered, amongst others, the civil war in Burundi and Rwanda.





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