In Search of the African Lion Ebook

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In Search of the African Lion Ebook
Roger & Pat de la Harpe

ISBN 9781920289683

The African lion (Panthera leo), long celebrated as the king of beasts, faces unprecedented challenges in the wild today. Loss of habitat through the expansion of human activity increasingly restricts the lion to game reserves and national parks, while diseases such as bovine tuberculosis pose a threat to the health of lion prides. Over a period of two years, Roger and Pat de la Harpe have documented wild lions of South Africa, and the result is a superbly photographed and engagingly written tribute to this often misunderstood predator. In Search of the African Lion enters the complex world of the lion, describing pride dynamics, hunting patterns, the reproductive cycle and interactions with human communities.


The book focuses on four main areas: the Kalahari, the Madikwe/Mapungubwe area, the Greater Kruger National Park and Northern Zululand ­ each with its own problems, challenges and opportunities. In addition, the authors highlight the important work done by game rangers, wildlife managers and scientific researchers in understanding the lion and in protecting existing populations.


The In Search of… series focuses on the plight of threatened and endangered species. Also available by the same authors: In Search of the African Wild Dog.


Roger and Pat de la Harpe, renowned freelance photographer and author team, have written for numerous publications around the world, most notably Africa Geographic, Getaway, BBC Wildlife, Geo and National Geographic, on natural history, wild places and different cultures.
The Authors


Roger and Pat de la Harpe moved to the Kwa-Zulu Natal Midlands from the Witwatersrand in the 1980s, leaving behind careers in heavy engineering and commerce.

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