Getaway Guide Eastern Cape and Wild Coast Ebook

Getaway Guide Eastern Cape and Wild Coast Ebook
Michael Brett

ISBN 9781920289584

The Eastern Cape province has something to offer every visitor, whether you are looking for a relaxed beach holiday or a close encounter with wildlife, a cultural experience or a trip back into history.

The province contains areas of almost unrivalled natural beauty and the range of landscape and vegetation types is simply incredible, from the snowy mountains of the Drakensberg, the wide open arid plains and rugged mountains of the Karoo, gently rolling grassy hills with forest patches tucked into their valleys, and deeply incised, thicket-crowded river valleys, not to forget the finest sandy beaches set on a pristine coastline.

This authoritative and comprehensive guide contains up-to-date information that will help you to make the most of your visit to this region.

  • * Background information on the province’s geography, climate, people and culture.
  • * Ten regional chapters from Tsitsikamma to the mountainous interior.
  • * Over 50 maps, including a map of each region, all the major towns and most of the smaller towns.
  • * The latest info on national parks and provincial reserves.
  • * Accommodation options from camping sites and backpackers’ lodges to guesthouses and hotels that will suit all budgets.
  • * Where to eat and where to shop.

The Author

author_pic Michael Brett is a writer, cartographer and photographer who is happiest when he is seated around a campfire in one of Africa’s many splendid protected areas. An expert on conservation and tourism, he served for two years as an ecotourism advisor in the highlands of Lesotho. He is the author of 13 books on national parks and travel in South Africa, Kenya and the USA.

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