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Neymar 2018


Neymar 2018
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Neymar 2018

Luca Caioli

ISBN 9781785782329

Having long been hailed as a future star of world soccer, Neymar has thrived under the pressure of expectation.

Already well on his way to becoming Brazil’s all-time top scorer and a leading light in one of the greatest Barcelona teams in history, his legacy is already taking shape.

Updated to include all the action from the 2016/17 season and drawing on exclusive interviews with those who have known and worked with him, Neymar paints a compelling picture of the life and career of a global superstar.

The Author

luca caioli Luca Caioli is the bestselling author of Messi, Ronaldo, Neymar and Suarez. A renowned Italian sports journalist, he lives in Spain corresponding for SKY Italia and Corriere della Sera.






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