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In the Zone


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In The Zone

Clyde Brolin

ISBN 9781911274827

What psychological traits link Novak Djokovic and Jessica EnnisHill? Or Sebastian Vettel and Nadia Comaneci? What goes through an athlete's head when their life's work is at stake? What separates those who can stay at the top from those who can't? How do daredevils suppress the fear of death? What exactly is that near mystical\ state known as 'the zone'?

Drawing on over a hundred exclusive interviews with elite athletes from sports ranging from F1 to swimming, base jumping and cycling, The Zone investigates with intelligence and clarity the mental processes by which champions are made.


The Author

Clyde Brolin

Clyde Brolin began his career working in F1 and has been covering the sports as journalist for a number of years. His first book Overdrive was shortlisted for Best New Writer at the British Sports Book Awards.




Reviews, News & Interviews:

A perfect book-club book about books and the community they create that also portrays the love between mother and son. -Library Journal

...a graceful, affecting testament to a mother and a life well lived. -Entertainment Weekly