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Lies we Believe About God


Lies We Believe About God
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Lies we Believe About God

WM. Paul Young

ISBN 9781471152399

From the author of the 20-million copy bestselling novel The Shack and the New York Times bestsellers Cross Roads and Eve comes a compelling exploration of the wrong-headed ideas we sometimes have and share about God.

Wm. Paul Young has previously faced charges of heresy for the ways he vividly portrays God through his novels. Here he shares 33 commonly uttered things we say about God, revealing how they keep us from having a full, loving relationship with God.

Using personal anecdotes and drawing on the touching comments from his readers of The Shack, Wm. Paul Young encourages readers to think anew about important issues, including sin, religion, hell, politics, identity, creation and human rights. In the process, he helps us discover God's deep and abiding love

The Author

Paul-YoungWilliam. P. Young was born in Canada and raised among a Stone Age tribe by his missionary parents in the highlands of former New Guinea.

He suffered a great loss as a child and young adult and now enjoys the 'wastefulness of grace' with his family. He is the author of the New York Times bestsellers The Shack, Cross Roads and Eve.





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