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Hush-A-Bye Bunny


Hush-A-Bye Bunny

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Hush-A-Bye Bunny

Holly Surplice

ISBN 9780857634016

It’s time for Bunny to go to bed, but he doesn’t want to leave his mummy and when he gets all tearful, Mummy Bunny knows just the rock-a-bye lullaby to comfort her little one.

Hush-a-Bye Bunny is perfect for comforting sleepy little bunnies who don’t like being left alone when it’s time to turn out the light. 













The Author

Holly SurpliceHolly Surplice was brought up in beautiful Dumfries & Galloway where living on a farm nurtured a fascination and love of animals which continues to feed her work as an artist and illustrator today. Since graduating from Edinburgh School of Art in 2003, Holly has been published by Walker Books and HarperCollins Children’s Books, and now she joins Nosy Crow. Holly lives and works in Edinburgh with her husband, young daughter and her Dalmatian – a great source of inspiration!



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