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Evolution: A Visual Record

Evolution A Visual Record

Evolution: A Visual Record

Robert Clark

ISBN 9780714871189



Stunning images to reawaken us to the scientific process that drives the amazing diversity of life on earth.


Evidence of evolution is everywhere. Through 200 revelatory images, award-winning photographer Robert Clark makes one of the most important foundations of science clear and exciting to everyone. Evolution: A Visual Record transports readers from the near-mystical(human ancestors) to the historic (the famous 'finches' Darwin collected on the Galápagos Islands that spurred his theory); the recently understood (the link between dinosaurs and modern birds) to the simply astonishing.









The Author

Robert Clark is an award-winning photographer with a twenty-plus-year career shooting for National Geographic, among others. He has produced several books and has exhibited widely. Clark is based in Brooklyn, New York. David Quammen is an acclaimed science, nature, and travel writer. Joseph Wallace is the author of more than a dozen books on natural history, among other topics.




Reviews, News & Interviews:


The most visual science textbook you've never seen... A book of stunning images by photographer Robert Clark that show evolution at work. National Geographic Online

A striking visual compendium... Robert Clark's vivid and compelling photographs serve as an ode to Charles Darwin's scientific breakthrough. Atlas Obscura


Well researched and composed for the general reader... The book is a good demonstration of the wide range of Clark's work. Publishers Weekly