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Be a Sloth


be a sloth
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Be a Sloth

Sarah Ford

ISBN 9781846015786

Follow Sloth on the path to a chilled out life, from understanding the importance of 'me time', to truly mastering the art of the afternoon nap, with expert advice from the animal that practically invented the 'slow movement'.

Sloth saves his energy for the things he really wants to do. He takes joy in the little things and never worries about the big things - he knows that everything gets done sooner or later and you might as well enjoy the ride. He is kind to his environment, but just as importantly, he is kind to himself.

A fun little gift book full of cute, hilarious and inspirational sloth mantras.






The Author

Sarah Ford is a writer and publisher with a love of cocktails, coffee and animals... mythical or otherwise. She lives in the Cotswolds, but works in London, travelling back and forth on a unicorn. When she's not working she can be found hanging out in her garden, smelling the flowers with her daughter and a whole host of pets.





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