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The Snowden Files

The Snowden Files by Luke Harding

The Snowden Files

Luke Harding

ISBN 9781783351046


Edward Snowden, a young computer genius working for America's National Security Agency, blew the whistle on the way this frighteningly powerful organisation uses new technology to spy on the entire planet. The consequences have shaken the leaders of nations worldwide. This is the inside story of Snowden's deeds and the journalists who faced down pressure from the US and UK governments to break a remarkable scoop.From the day he left his glamorous girlfriend in Hawaii, carrying a hard drive full of secrets, to the weeks of secret-spilling in Hong Kong and his battle for asylum, Snowden's story reads like a globe-trotting thriller.










The Author


Luke Harding is an award-winning foreign correspondent with The Guardian. He has reported from Delhi, Berlin and Moscow and has also covered wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, Libya and Syria. Between 2007 and 2011 he was the Guardian's Moscow bureau chief; the Kremlin expelled him from the country in the first case of its kind since the cold war. He is the author of Mafia State and co-author of WikiLeaks: Inside Julian Assange's War on Secrecy, The Liar: The Fall of Jonathan Aitken (nominated for the Orwell Prize) and The Snowden Files. Two of Harding's books have been made into films; The Fifth Estate and Snowden.




Reviews, News & Interviews:



Harding has delivered a clearly written and captivating account of the Snowden leaks and their aftermath. The Washington Post 


The writer deserves unqualified praise for fueling the debate on privacy that Snowden so hoped to ignite. Newsday 


Engaging. . . . Harding’s well-researched and compelling book is highly recommended. Library Journal