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Silk and Song


silk and song
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Silk and Song

Dana Stabenow

ISBN 9781784979539

A young woman flees China, crossing the known world in search of her grandfather, Marco Polo.

Beijing, 1322. Sixteen-year-old Wu Johanna is the granddaughter of the legendary trader Marco Polo.

In the wake of her father's death, Johanna finds that lineage counts for little amid the disintegrating court of the Khan.

Johanna's destiny – if she has one – lies with her grandfather, in Venice.

So, with a small band of companions, she takes to the road – the Silk Road – that storied collection of routes that link the silks of Cathay, the spices of the Indies and the jewels of the Indus to the markets of the west. But first she must survive treachery and betrayal on a road beset by thieves, fanatics and warlords...

The Author

dana stabenowDana Stabenow, born in Alaska and raised on a 75-foot fish tender, is the author of the award-winning, bestselling Kate Shugak series. The first book in the series, A Cold Day for Murder, received an Edgar Award from the Mystery Writers of America.






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