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Mata Hari


Mata Hari by Michelle Moran
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Mata Hari

Michelle Moran

ISBN 9781782065647

From the international bestselling author of Nefertiti comes a captivating novel about the infamous Mata Hari, exotic dancer, adored courtesan, and, possibly, infamous spy. Paris, 1917. The notorious dancer Mata Hari sits in a cold cell awaiting freedom or death. Alone and despondent, Mata Hari is as confused as the rest of the world about the charges she's been arrested on: treason leading to the deaths of thousands of French soldiers. As Mata Hari w aits for her fate to be decided, she relays the story of her life to a reporter w ho is allowed to visit her in prison.

Beginning with her carefree childhood, Mata Hari recounts her father's cruel abandonment of her family as well her calamitous marriage to a military officer. Taken to the island of Java, Mata Hari refuses to be ruled by her abusive husband and instead learns to dance, paving the w ay to her stardom as Europe's most infamous exotic dancer. From lush Indian temples and glamorous Parisian theatres to stark German barracks in war-torn Europe, Moran brings to vibrant life the famed w orld of Mata Hari: dancer, courtesan, and possibly, spy.











The Author

Michelle MoranMichelle Moran's experiences at archaeological sites around the world first inspired her to w rite historical fiction. She is the author of Nefertiti and its standalone sequel The Heretic Queen, as w ell as Cleopatra's Daughter and The Second Empress. She lives in Texas.




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