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Improve your Digestion


Improve Your Digestion
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Improve your Digestion

Patrick Holford

ISBN 9780349414003

An updated, expanded and fully revised edition of the popular book first published in 1999. The gut is a hot topic and this new edition of Improve Your Digestion reflects the great many changes in our understanding of the gut and the latest scientific findings on how to improve its functioning.

It is becoming more and more widely recognised that a healthy gut is crucial to all-round good health, a fact demonstrated by the growing interest in this once taboo subject. Many recent books focus on the fascinating workings of the digestive system. Improve Your Digestion is different. Much has changed since the first edition of the book was published and this is reflected in this wider and more in-depth exploration of the subject. In addition to the facts about how the gut works, it outlines how to address digestive problems - both simple and complex - and keep your digestion in tip-top condition.

Comprehensive yet practical and easy to follow, this book can benefit everyone, whether you simply want to keep your system in good shape; have one of the common digestive issues such as heartburn, bloating or constipation; or a complex condition such as IBS, leaky gut or inflammatory bowel disease. It is broken down into five parts: improving digestion, improving absorption (you are what you absorb after all), digestive problems and solutions, how to restore digestive health, and recipes for healthy digestion.

The Author

patrick holfordPatrick Holford BSc, DipIon, Fbant, Cnhcrp is one of the UK's best-known nutrition experts and a leading spokesman on nutrition in the media. He is the author of over 30 books.
In 1984 he founded the Institute for Optimum Nutrition, an independent educational charity. He is also CEO of the Food for the Brain Foundation and Director of the Brain Bio Centre. He is also an honorary fellow of the British Association of Nutritional Therapy, as well as a registered member of the Complementary and Natural Healthcare Council.





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