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Cracking Psychology

Cracking Psychology Book

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Cracking Psychology

Sandi Mann 

ISBN 9781841814636

Learn all about the history of psychology, the theories that shaped society and the experiments that changed the world - with biographies of the most influential psychologists of our times and insight into fascinating psychological phenomena, such as the Freudian Slip and False Memory.

Find out how you can use psychology to feel happier, manage anger, tell when someone is lying, encourage someone to stop smoking, improve your memory and much more.

This extensive guide is perfect for anyone who wants to understand the inner workings of the human mind.




The Author

Dr Sandi MannDr Sandi Mann has been a Senior Lecturer of Psychology at the University of Central Lancashire since 1998 and is an expert in emotions, especially in the workplace. She is a Director of The Mind Training Clinic (which specializes in treatment of phobias, panic attacks and anxiety conditions) and Advantage Psychology (which specializes in business-to-business training).

She is a regular contributor to various media outlets as an expert psychologist, including radio, television and print media, and writes regularly for several magazines and journals, including the Huffington Post.

She is also a successful author of several books on psychology.





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