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Caramel Hearts


Caramel Hearts by ER Muray

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Caramel Hearts

Elizabeth Rose Murray 

ISBN 9781846883927

Liv Bloom’s life is even more complicated than that of your average fourteen-year-old: her father walked out on the family when she was young, her mother is in a recovery centre for alcoholics, and her older sister is struggling to step into Mum’s shoes.

The only person she can turn to is her best friend Sarah, who gets her out of scrapes at school and is a constant source of advice and companionship. One day Liv discovers a book of recipes written in her mum’s handwriting, which sets her off on a journey towards self-discovery and reconciliation - but a theft, a love rivalry and a school bully are just some of the many obstacles on the way.

Structured around real cake recipes, Caramel Hearts is a coming-of-age novel about love, disappointment and hope, and discovering the true value of friends and family, no matter how dysfunctional they are.







The Author

Elizabeth Murray

Elizabeth Rose Murray lives in West Cork where she writes, fishes and grows her own vegetables. Caramel Hearts is her first book for young adults.

Her debut novel for children aged 10–12,The Book of Learning – Nine Lives (Mercier Press) was chosen as the 2016 Dublin UNESCO City of Literature Citywide Read for Children. Elizabeth has poetry and short fiction published in journals across the UK and Ireland









Reviews, News & Interviews:

Structured around the recipes, this is a YA novel that is warm and revealing. I highly recommend it to all, as there is something here for everyone. A marvellous and important read.

Fallen Star Stories

Once I picked it up, it was very hard to put down again, and I flew through it in a matter of days! I’m so glad that I got to read Liv’s story and although it broke my heart a little at times, it left me with a smile on my face. Queen of Teen Fiction
I think anyone who has dealt with addiction, or knows someone dealing with addiction will benefit from the story being told in this novel. Wee Bit Wordy