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The Tucci Table

Tucci Table 403 x 500
The Tucci Table

Stanley Tucci

ISBN 9781409158547

A beautifully produced collection of wholesome and hearty Italian recipes that will bring the whole family together.


Food can bind and govern a family and no one knows this more than Hollywood actor and respected foodie, Stanley Tucci. Throughout his childhood, cooking was a familial venture evoking a wealth of memories and traditions.


Featuring family-friendly dishes and stunning photography The Tucci Table will captivate food lovers' imaginations with recipes from Stanley's traditional Italian roots as well as those of his British wife, Felicity Blunt. Each dish is introduced by Stanley and he offers an insight into why each recipe is so special to his family. Recipes include Pasta Al Forno, Roasted Sea bass, Pan Seared Venison and British classics such as Shepherd's Pie and Sausage Rolls. The Tucci Table captures the true joys of family cooking.



The Author


Stanley Tucci is an EMMY and GOLDEN GLOBE-winning actor. Since his career began nearly 30 years ago he has appeared in more than 50 films including The Lovely Bones and The Devil Wears Prada, and has been a regular fixture on Broadway. He has directed and produced films, most notably Big Night  in 1996. He currently presents US TV programme Vine Talk where he invites celebrities to engage in compelling conversations about wine. Find out more about Vine Talk at:

Felicity Blunt is a British literary agent. She is on the board for the Women's Prize For Fiction and married Stanley in 2012. Her Twitter handle is @felicityblunt




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Some cookbooks are visually inspiring but don't deliver on the recipe front and are cool in tone; others are like a glimpse into someone's life - warm and inviting, with recipes that make you want to join the family party. The new book by American actor Stanley Tucci (of Devil Wears Prada, Hunger Games and, more recently, TV series Fortitude fame) and his wife Felicity Blunt falls into the latter category. It makes you want to draw up a chair at their kitchen table, be part of their family, dive in and eat the food.  Karen Barnes, Delicious

Tucci is a foodie who loves a culinary get-together, and offers up warmly annotated, user-friendly recipes that reflect his Italian-American background and that of his (British) second wife Felicity Blunt.  Metro

The Tucci Table is not a book of fashionable recipes but a collection of dishes to cook for family and friends - a love letter to his Italian culinary heritage, his wife's classic English cooking, and all the people who matter most in their lives.  Shane Watson, The Times


Watch: Stanley Tucci serves up mouth-watering recipes in his new cookbook