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MAZI: Modern Greek Food


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MAZI: Modern Greek Food

Christina Mouratoglou & Adrien Carré

ISBN 9781784723170


Together - [tuh-geth-er] - adverb

Gathering, company, mass, combination, mixture.

Tired of outdated perceptions of typical Greek food, Mazi is on a mission to revolutionize Greek cuisine. With a strong emphasis on sharing a feast of smalldishes, Christina Mouratoglou and Adrien Carré bring a trendy tapas vibe to recipesexploding with flavour yet relying only on the finest fresh ingredients and simpletechniques to achieve the best results. Introducing authentic flavours with a modern twist, Mazi is innovative Greek food at its best. Whether it's the Spicy tiropita with brokenfilo pastry, leeks & chillis, crispy lamb belly with miso aubergine, chickpea & tahini purée,or Loukoumades with lavender honey & crushed walnuts (Greek doughnuts soaked inhoney), Mazi's food is intrinsically edgy, cool and completely delicious.

The Author

United in their passion for Greek food, Adrien Carré and Christina Mouratoglou founded Mazi to introduce an exciting New Greek cuisine, breathing new life, colour and flavor into worn stereotypes.

Mazi opened its doors in Notting Hill, London, in June 2012 and has been showered with praise for its fresh, innovative food ever since. It is now one of the trendiest restaurants in London.





Reviews, News & Interviews:

Probaby the best Greek restaurant in England, Mazi is pure alchemy and poetry. Alain Ducasse

You must try it for its artful cooking, that honours the cuisine of Hellas while putting before the happy diner a succession of tastes that are blissfully new. Independent