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Zoe's Rescue Zoo: The Happy Hippo


Zoes Rescue Zoo- The Happy Hippo

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Zoe’s Rescue Zoo: The Happy Hippo

Amelia Cobb

ISBN 9780857636027

Henry the hippo turns up at the zoo after his mother dies. But the zoo already has a hippo and horrible Mr Pinch wants to send Henry away! Zoe can’t bear to see the little hippo homeless, so she comes up with a hiptastic plan!











The Author

Amelia Cobb is sadly not a real person, although there is a real author behind the Zoe’s Rescue Zoo stories. If Amelia did exist, we like to think that she’d live by the sea with her two goldfish, Flip and Flop, and write her stories at a small desk by the window, listening to the radio and wearing a brightly-coloured scarf at all times.




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