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Zen and the Art of Murder: A Black Forest Investigation I


Zen and the Art of Murder
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Zen and the Art of Murder: A Black Forest Investigation I

Oliver Bottini

ISBN 9780857057358

Louise Boni, chief inspector with the Black Forest crime squad, is struggling with her demons. Divorced at forty-two, she is haunted by the shadows of the past.

Dreading yet another a dreary winter weekend alone, she receives a call from the departmental chief which signals the strangest assignment of her career - to trail a Japanese monk wandering through the snowy wasteland to the east of Freiburg, dressed only in sandals and a cowl. She sets off reluctantly, and by the time she catches up with him, she discovers that he is injured, and fearfully fleeing some unknown evil.

Her investigations uncover a hideous ring of child traffickers, and the repercussions of their crimes will change the course of her own life.

Translated from the German by Jamie Bulloch.

The Author

oliver bottini Oliver Bottini was born in 1965. Four of his novels, including Zen and the Art of Murder and A Summer of Murder of the Black Forest Investigations have been awarded the Deutscher Krimipreis, Germany's most prestigious award for crime writing.

In addition his novels have been awarded the Stuttgarter Krimipreis and the Berliner Krimipreis. He lives in Berlin.






Reviews, News & Interviews:

An exceptional crime novel. TAZ

It's been a long time since any crime author started out so strongly, so visually. Die Zeit

Oliver Bottini, one of the few German authors who play in crime-writing's premier league, really knows how to tell a good story. Frankfurter Rundschau

Tension without brutality, local colour without small-minded sentimentality, good, intelligent reading with depth. Handelsblatt