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You Were Made for This


You Were Made For This
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You Were Made for This

Michelle Sacks

ISBN 9780008261221

A bold, sharp, gripping debut about a couple whose perfect life in the Swedish countryside is not what it seems…

In an idyllic house in a Swedish wood, Merry and her husband are building their new dream life with their young baby, far away from events that overshadowed their old life in New York. And they’re happy, aren’t they? Blissfully, blissfully happy.

When Merry’s childhood friend Frances comes to stay, Frances barely recognizes her old friend Merry, pureeing baby food, baking, living the Swedish dream. But little by little, cracks begin to show in her carefully constructed fairy tale. And Frances starts to see things others might miss. Dark and treacherous things. And then a terrible tragedy unfolds…






The Author

michelle sacksMichelle Sacks was born and raised in Cape Town. She is currently based in Switzerland but spends much time in the UK and the rest of Europe. She has been shortlisted for the Commonwealth Short Story Prize in 2014, and had two short stories shortlisted for the 2007 and 2011 South African PEN Literary Award.







Reviews, News & Interviews:

Dark, unsettling, and utterly absorbing … I loved it from first page to last. Amanda Jennings

A haunting first novel… an unblinking look at beautiful people with ugly secrets, it has the voyeuristic fascination of a Bergman film. Publishers Weekly insightful and skilfully constructed novel… will keep readers rapt to the final page. Booklist