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Those Who Leave and Those Who Stay


Those who leave and those who stay
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Those Who Leave and Those Who Stay

Elena Ferrante

ISBN 9781609452339

Soon to be an HBO series, book three in the New York Times bestselling Neapolitan quartet about two friends in post-war Italy is a rich, intense, and generous-hearted epic by one of today's most beloved and acclaimed writers, Elena Ferrante, “one of the great novelists of our time.” (Roxana Robinson, The New York Times)

In the third book in the Neapolitan quartet, Elena and Lila, the two girls whom readers first met in My Brilliant Friend, have become women. Lila married at sixteen and has a young son; she has left her husband and thecomforts her marriage brought and now works as a common laborer. Elena has left the neighborhood, earned hercollege degree, and published a successful novel, all of which has opened the doors to a world of learnedinterlocutors and richly furnished salons. Both women are pushing against the walls of a prison that would haveseen them living a life of misery, ignorance and submission.

They are afloat on the great sea of opportunities thatopened up during the nineteen-seventies. Yet they are still very much bound to each other by a strong, unbreakable

Ferrante is one of the world’s great storytellers. With the Neapolitan quartet she has given her readers an abundant, generous, and masterfully plotted page-turner that is also a stylish work of literary fiction destined to delight readers for many generations to come.

The Author

Elena Ferante

Elena Ferrante is the author of The Days of Abandonment (Europa, 2005), Troubling Love (Europa, 2006), The Lost Daughter (Europa, 2008) and the Neapolitan Quartet (Europa 2012-2015). She is also the author of a children’s picture book illustrated by Mara Cerri, The Beach at Night. Ann Goldstein is an editor at The New Yorker. Her translations for Europa Editions include novels by Amara Lakhous, Alessandro Piperno, and Elena Ferrante's bestselling My Brilliant Friend. She lives in New York.






Reviews, News & Interviews:

The Neapolitan novels move far from contrivance, logic or respectability to ask uncomfortable questions about how we live, how we love, how we singe an existence in a deeply flawed world that expects pretty acquiescence from its women. In all their beauty, their ugliness, their devotion and deceit, these girls enchant and repulse, like life, like our very selves. The Sydney Morning Herald

Compelling, visceral and immediate…a riveting examination of power…The Neapolitan novels are a tour de force. Jennifer Gilmore, The Los Angeles Times