Theodore Boone: The Fugitive

Theodore Boone The Fugitive By John Grisham 311 x 500

Theodore Boone: The Fugitive

John Grisham

ISBN 9781444767667

John Grisham delivers high intensity legal drama for a new generation of readers in the fifth novel in his bestselling Theodore Boone series.


He was supposed to be having fun with his friends, not playing detective and stalking a serial killer.


Theodore Boone – teenage lawyer and courtroom hero – is on a class trip seeing the sights of the capital city. But he hadn't counted on seeing the most wanted man in the history of his home town, Strattenberg.


Suddenly Theo is caught in the hunt for an accused murderer, alongside the FBI. Theo knows he's getting in deep – and things could become even more dangerous. Because if this case goes back to court, it will be down to him.


Will justice finally be done...or will the killer's criminal allies be out for revenge?


The Author


John Grisham is the author of twenty-seven novels, one work of non-fiction, one collection of short stories, and five novels for young readers. His works are translated into thirty-nine languages. He lives in Virginia and Mississippi.





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If you aspire to turn your children into lawyers who will keep you in your old age, John Grisham's Theodore Boone, his first novel for young people, might be for you. Sunday Times

Nobody does legal fiction better. Daily Express

Not since Nancy Drew has a nosy, crime-obsessed kid been so hard to resist. The New York Times