The Return of the Young Prince

The Return of the Young Prince 9781780749563

The Return of the Young Prince

A.G. Roemmers

ISBN 9780571275991


Even princes from faraway planets do not always remain small. Eventually they grow up and - no longer content with their tiny planet – set off once again to explore the universe anew. So the Little Prince, now a teenager, one day returns to earth and finds himself on a lonely country road in the vast, desolate plains of Patagonia. There he meets the narrator of this novel, who rescues him and takes him on a journey. Slowly the Prince shares the stories of his adventures, and together they begin to explore some of life's most important questions, taking readers along with them on a wonderful spiritual journey. An inspiring, life-changing book.










The Author



Alejandro Guillermo Roemmers was born in Buenos Aires in 1958. He was already a successful businessman when the first publication of The Return of the Young Prince brought him international recognition as an author.


Ollie Brock is a translator and former Online Editor at Granta





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