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The Invisible Crowd


Invisible Crowd
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The Invisible Crowd

Ellen Wiles

ISBN 9780008228835

Fearless and compelling, The Invisible Crowd is a powerful debut novel about loyalty, love – and the brief moments which define our lives.

Yonas Kelati: born in Eritrea, 2nd March 1975

Barely surviving a bloody civil war, Yonas Kelati has no option but to flee his home. After a terrible journey, he arrives on a bleak English coast on 10th September 2015.

Jude Bracknell: born in England, 2nd March 1975

Human rights lawyer Jude had already packed up to go home when Yonas’ asylum application lands on her desk on 20th May 2016. Opening the file, she finds a patchwork of contradictory witness statements: a lifetime exactly the same length as hers, reduced to a few scraps of paper.

In one week’s time, Jude will stand up in court and tell Yonas’ story - and how she tells it will change his life forever. But can there ever be a single version of the truth?

The Author

Ellen WilesEllen Wiles was born in 1981 and grew up in Reading. Hoping to “change the world”, she did a Masters in law and human rights at UCL, and became a barrister at a London chambers, disappearing off periodically to work with Bushmen in Botswana and Burmese refugees in a camp in Thailand.

She is the author of Saffron Shadows and Salvaged Scripts: Literary Life in Myanmar Under Censorship and in Transition (Columbia University Press, 2015) which includes new translations of novel extracts, stories and poems as well as extended interviews and descriptions of the place and the people. This is her first novel.






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