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The Brother


The Brother

Joakim Zander 

ISBN 9781781859223

Smart, gripping and urgent, the new blockbuster from the bestselling author of The Swimmer.

Growing up poor, Yasmine vowed she would always protect her little brother from harm. She broke her promise on the day she left home, abandoning Fadi to his life in the Stockholm slums.

Now, five years later, Yasmine still carries the guilt of leaving him behind. Then she hears a rumour that he is dead, killed by a US drone in Syria. What happened to turn her sweet-natured brother into one of the CIA’s most wanted men?


The answer will shock her. It will shock you too.


*Now a Top-Seller in Germany*





The Author

Joakim Zander was born in Stockholm. He spent ten years working in Brussels as a lawyer, and now lives in Lund, Sweden, where he writes full time. The Swimmer is his first novel, and has been sold to 28 countries around the world.




Reviews, News & Interviews:



A gripping and urgent insight into how poverty-stricken and jobless Arab youths become radicalised ... Irish Independent.



Zander is part of the influx of new blood into the genre, and this third novel is both forceful and subtle ...  Independent.



This is an ambitious thriller that really does deliver on all levels and its breadth is wonderful and entertaining... Nudge Books