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That Bear Can’t Babysit


That Bear Cant Babysit
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That Bear Can’t Babysit

Ruth Quayle

ISBN 9780857638298

When Mr and Mrs Burrow hire a babysitter, they are not expecting Bear. And Bear is Not expecting seven little bunnies who are full of mischief. Together, the bunnies persuade Bear to read a scary book, give them sweets and chocolate spread for dinner, and go crazy with the garden hose! But when the bunnies find Bear sailing the high seas in a make-believe ship, suddenly he isn't such a bad babysitter after all.

When Mr and Mrs Burrow return, all the bunnies are peacefully tucked up in bed...Well, almost all of them.

The Author

ruth-quayleWhen Ruth Quayle’s three children aren’t sending footballs whizzing past her ears and persuading her that sweets are healthy, they’re saying funny things that she scribbles down and turns into stories.

Ruth used to be a writer and sub-editor on national newspapers and glossy magazines, but she’s much happier working from home as a freelance writer.






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