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Shroud of Eternity: Sister of Darkness: The Nicci Chronicles, Book 2


shroud of eternity
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Shroud of Eternity: Sister of Darkness: The Nicci Chronicles, Book 2

Terry Goodkind

ISBN 9781786691682

In a spin-off from the Sword of Truth series comes the second book of The Nicci Chronicles, where new alliances are forged and old enemies return.

The formidable sorceress and one-time Sister of the Dark, Nicci, and her companions – the newly powerless Nathan and the youthful Bannon – set out on another quest after driving ruthless Norukai slavers out of Renda Bay. Their mission: restore Nathan's magic and, for Nicci, save the world.

Guided by the witch-woman Red's mysterious prophecy, the trio makes their way south of Kol Adair towards a wondrous city shrouded behind time, Ildakar. But the grotesque omens on their path to Nathan's salvation – severed Norukai heads on pikes, a genetically modified monster, and a petrified army of half a million – are just a taste of the unimaginable horrors that await within the Shroud of Eternity.

The Author

terry goodkindTerry Goodkind has been a wildlife artist, a cabinetmaker, a racing driver and a violin maker. He writes thrillers as well as epic fantasy and lives in the desert in Nevada.






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