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Wilbur Smith

ISBN 9780007535811

The Worldwide Number One Bestseller Wilbur Smith returns to Ancient Egypt in a captivating new novel that will transport you to extraordinary times.

Egypt is under attack.

Pharaoh Tamose lies mortally wounded. The ancient city of Luxor is surrounded, All seems lost.
Taita prepares for the enemys final, fatal push. The ex-slave, now general of Tamoses armies, is never more ingenious than when all hope is dashed. And this is Egypts most desperate hour.
With the timely arrival of an old ally, the tide is turned and the Egyptian army feasts upon its retreating foe. But upon his victorious return to Luxor, Taita is seized and branded a traitor. Tamose is dead and a poisonous new era has begun. The new Pharaoh has risen.
Pharaoh Utteric is young, weak and cruel, and threatened by Taitas influence within the palace especially his friendship with Utterics younger and worthier brother, Ramases. With Taitas imprisonment, Ramases is forced to make a choice: help Taita escape and forsake his brother, or remain silent and condone Utterics tyranny. To a good man like Ramases, there is no choice. Taita must be set free, Utteric must be stopped and Egypt must be reclaimed.
From the glittering temples of Luxor to the Citadel of Sparta, Pharaoh is an intense and powerful novel magnificently transporting you to a time of threat, blood and glory. Master storyteller, Wilbur Smith, is at the very peak of his powers.






The Author

Wilbur Smith Wilbur Smith was born in Central Africa in 1933. He was educated at Michael house and Rhodes University. He became a full-time writer in 1964 after the successful publication of When the Lion Feeds, and has since written over thirty novels, all meticulously researched on his numerous expeditions worldwide. His books are now translated into twenty six languages.




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