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Peace in My Heart


peace in my heart
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Peace in My Heart

Freda Lightfoot

ISBN 9781848455054

Sunday Times bestselling author Freda Lightfoot is back with a heart-warming story of life after the war.
The war may be over but their troubles are only just beginning.

The war is over and Evie Talbert eagerly awaits the return of her three children from their evacuated homes. But her carefree daughters and son are barely recognisable their education has been disrupted, the siblings split up, and the effect on them has been life-changing. Her son has developed serious behavioural problems and with her daughters, there’s jealousy and a nervous disorder that cannot be explained
Evie’s husband also has problems. Having returned from being in action, he suffers nightmares and fits of rage. He’s no longer the gentle, quiet man Evie married.
Peace may finally be here, but Evie’s family is in shreds. Now she must rebuild a loving home to achieve the happiness she’s always dreamed of.

The Author

Freda LightfootBorn in Lancashire, Freda Lightfoot has been a teacher and a bookseller, and in a mad moment even tried her hand at the 'good life'.

A prolific and much-loved saga writer, Freda’s work is inspired by memories of her Lancashire childhood and her passion for history.






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A story full of love, tenderness, shocking deceit and the power of the family to overcome adversity. Lancashire Life