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Light Touch


Light Touch
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Light Touch

Stephen Leather

ISBN 9781473604131

Working undercover is all about trust, getting the target to trust you and then betraying them in order to bring them to justice.

But what do you do when you believe an undercover cop has crossed the line and aligned herself with the international drugs smuggler she was supposed to be targeting?

When a deep-undercover cop stops passing on intelligence about her target, MI5 sends in Dan 'Spider' Shepherd to check that she is on the straight and narrow.

Now two lives are on the line and Shepherd discovers that the real danger is closer to home than he realised.

As Spider finds his loyalties being tested to the limit, an SAS killer is on a revenge mission in London and only Spider can stop him.

The Author

stephen leatherStephen Leather is one of the UK's most successful thriller writers, an e-book and international bestseller and author of the critically acclaimed Dan 'Spider' Shepherd series and the Jack Nightingale supernatural detective novels. Before becoming a novelist he was a journalist for more than ten years on newspapers such as The Times, the Daily Mirror, the Glasgow Herald, the Daily Mail and the South China Morning Post in Hong Kong. His bestsellers have been translated into fifteen languages and he has also written for television.





Reviews, News & Interviews:

Leather has the uncanny knack of producing plots that are all too real. Daily Mail

Let Spider draw you into his web, you won't regret it. Sun