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Keep Me Safe


keep me safe
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Keep Me Safe

Daniela Sacerdoti

ISBN 9781472235015

From the million-copy-selling author Daniela Sacerdoti, Keep Me Safe is a heart-wrenching novel of a mother and daughter seeking safe haven on a mysterious island called Seal. If you love embarking on an emotional journey with Dorothy Koomson or Susan Lewis, you will adore Daniela Sacerdoti.

What do you do when your six-year-old daughter starts telling you about her other mother, her other life?

This is what happens to Anna after her daughter Ava's father disappears, leaving behind a traumatised little girl. After three days of silence, Ava begins to share mysterious memories with her mother, and to draw pictures of a place she's never visited. Anna knows that the only way to find the truth is to travel to the place Ava is talking about – a tiny island called Seal. There, on the edge of the Atlantic, where their past and their future meet, there might be a whole new world, a whole new life waiting for them...

The Author

Daniela Sacerdoti Daniela Sacerdoti is a phenomenon. Over one million copies of her novels have been sold in eBook, her debut novel Watch Over Me was the 8th bestselling Kindle book of all time in 2015 and she was also ranked as the 11th top-selling Kindle author.

Daniela writes beautiful, haunting and bestselling fiction for adults (the Glen Avich series), young adults (the Sarah Midnight trilogy) and children. Her novels have been translated in twelve languages.

Daniela was born and raised in Italy. She studied Classics, and then lived in Scotland for fourteen years, where she married and taught in a primary school. Daniela's children's book Really Weird Removals.Com was shortlisted for the Scottish Children's Book Awards.

She has also written for the BBC .





Reviews, News & Interviews:

The most touching and emotional book I've read this year. A beautiful read. Rea's Book Reviews on Watch Over Me

Beautifully balanced with elements of mystery and endearing characters that both break and capture the heart. A stunning talent, Sacerdoti writes beautiful fiction that feeds the soul. Shari Low, Daily Record on Take Me Home

A fabulous book. A poignant and beautifully crafted story. Impossible to put it down. Novelicious on Watch Over Me.