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East of Hounslow


East of Hounslow
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East of Hounslow

Khurrum Rahman

ISBN 9780008229573

Meet Jay.

Small-time dealer.

Accidental jihadist.

The one man who can save us all?

Javid – call him Jay – is a dope dealer living in West London. He goes to mosque on Friday, and he’s just bought his pride and joy – a BMW. He lives with his mum, and life seems sweet.

But his world is about to turn upside-down. Because MI5 have been watching him, and they think he’s just the man they need for a delicate mission.

One thing’s for sure: now he’s a long way East of Hounslow, Jay’s life will never be the same again.

The Author

khurrum rahmanBorn in Karachi, Pakistan in 1975 Khurrum moved to England when he was one. He is a west London boy and now lives in Berkshire with his wife and two sons. Khurrum is currently working as a Senior IT Officer but his real love is writing. He has a screenplay which has been optioned by a Danish TV producer but is now concentrating on novels. This is his debut novel.






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A brilliant thriller. You’d be mad not to buy this. Ben Aaronovitch