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Melusi’s Everyday Zulu


melusis everyday zulu
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Melusi’s Everyday Zulu

Melusi Tshabalala

ISBN 9781868429066

What can one word do? If used correctly, it can make us laugh and make us cry. With Melusi’s Everyday Zulu, Melusi Tshabalala has been demonstrating the power of a single word. Every single day (except Sundays), he posts a single Zulu word on his Facebook profile accompanied by a left-field explanation and examples of its use. His unique writing style, wonky sense of humour, frank political commentary and razor-sharp social observations give his readers a one-of-a-kind insight into not only isiZulu but the world Melusi inhabits, as a 21st century Zulu man.

Within a few short months, Melusi’s Everyday Zulu has built up a huge following. His fans love him for his honesty and commitment to pointing out subtle and overt forms of prejudice and racism. He holds up a mirror that shows South African society in all its flaws but also its sheer humanity. He makes us laugh at ourselves and with each other.

From mid-February, Melusi’s Everyday Zulu will be featured on Jenny Crwys-Williams’s show on Kaya FM.






The Author

Melusi Tshabalala is a seasoned advertising creative with a career spanning 20 years. He is co-founder and managing partner at Studio 214, a Maboneng-based advertising and design agency. His agency’s ethos is to ‘create work that touches Africans, inspiring harmony, prosperity and the celebration of this electric continent, her people and their phenomenal cultures’. Melusi strives to live by this ethos in his everyday life too.

His greatest joy comes from the laughter of his three wonderful children, for whom he hopes to help build a better African future.







Reviews, News & Interviews:

Listen to Melusi's interview on Kaya FM

Melusi Tshabalala has started something we didn’t know we needed! He posts isiZulu words and their meanings in the hopes to educate his fellow South Africans. Tyler Leigh Vivier, Good Things Guy

He posts an isiZulu word daily with the most poetic, lyrical, and entertaining explanations that are sorely needed in South Africa right now. 702