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Gift from Darkness


gift from darkness
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Gift from Darkness

Andrea C. Hoffman

ISBN 9781408708958

A Gift from Darkness is the harrowing yet inspirational story of a young, pregnant Nigerian girl and the hell she endured for the sake of her unborn child when she was kidnapped by Boko Haram.

When Patience Ibrahim's husband died, she feared that her life was over. She had prayed every night for a baby to complete her family, and suddenly she found herself a nineteen-year-old widow, alone in the world. But when she fell in love again, a happy future seemed possible. Patience married once more , and was overjoyed to discover that she was pregnant.

A few days later, everything fell apart. Men from Boko Haram arrived at her door, killing Patience's new husband and kidnapping her.

This is the incredible true story of her and her baby daughter's survival, against all the odds.

The Author

ANDREA HOFFMAN Andrea C. Hoffmann studied psychology and journalism in Leipzig and Florence and graduated in media studies at Leipzig University. She did voluntary work for the Frankfurter Rundschau and worked freelance for a number of german and swiss newspapers and magazines like Geo, Merian, Zeit, Berliner Zeitung, Allegra and Marie Claire.

 Since 2004 she is Middle East specialist as a foreign correspondent for the German news magazine Focus. She published much reportage from Iran, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iraq, Turkey, Lebanon, Syria, Egypt as well as African and Latin-American countries.





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