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Zoe’s Rescue Zoo: The Giggly Giraffe


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Zoe’s Rescue Zoo: The Giggly Giraffe

Amelia Cobb

ISBN 9780857639851

Zoe loves living at her uncle's rescue zoo because there's always something exciting going on. And Zoe also has an amazing secret... She can actually talk to the animals! Something very exciting has happened at the Rescue Zoo - a giraffe has just been born!

Jamie the baby giraffe's wobbly walk on his long legs makes everyone laugh, and he just loves to play tricks! But his tricks can cause trouble, and with the Best Zoo Competition coming up, can Zoe help Jamie behave and have fun? 

The Author

amelia cobb Amelia Cobb is sadly not a real person, although there is a real author behind the Zoe's Rescue Zoo stories. If Amelia did exist, we like to think that she'd live by the sea with her two goldfish, Flip and Flop, and write her stories at a small desk by the window, listening to the radio and wearing a brightly-coloured scarf at all times.






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