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Unicorn Magic 3-Books-in-1!


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Unicorn Magic 3-Books-in-1!

Jessica Burkhart

ISBN 9781534409989

The first three Unicorn Magic chapter books are now available together in one fantastical paperback bind-up!
In the Crystal Kingdom, members of the royal family receive a very special present: a Unicorn of their very own, who will guide and protect them for the rest of their life. And for Princess Bella, she is super-excited when she is matched with Glimmer, her official unicorn. Join Princess Bella and Glimmer as they have adventures throughout the Crystal Kingdom.
This glittering bind-up includes Bella’s Birthday UnicornWhere’s Glimmer? and Green with Envy!

The Author

jessica burkhartJessica Burkhart (a.k.a. Jessica Ashley) is the author of the Unicorn Magic and Canterwood Crest series, which you can learn more about at

She is a former equestrian who writes from her apartment in Tennessee. (It’s not the size of Crystal Castle, but Jess tries to decorate like a princess!) Jess’s aura would be hot pink and she loves glittery things. If she had a unicorn, it would be named Sparkle.






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