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Piggy Handsome


piggy handsome
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Piggy Handsome

Pip Jones and Adam Stower

ISBN 9780571327546

"Jeffry, I'm no mere guinea pig! I'm a Handsome and Handsome has always been famous. I simply cannot be the only Handsome in history to not be famous".

Piggy Handsome is a very confident Guinea pig with a hugely inflated ego - he hails from a long line of very famous Guinea pigs. But sadly Handsome hasn't yet achieved world renown. With the help of gruff-talking Jeffry the budgie and the inadvertent efforts of two dastardly villains Dan and Dolly Dixon, Handsome might realise his dream, get in the papers and save the day - without even realising. All in one day trip to the seaside!

The Author

Pip Jones lives in East London with her partner, her two daughters and a real invisible cat. She writes a lot. She is the author of six Squishy McFluff books, several picture books (including Daddy's Sandwich and The Chocolate Monster) and her new series Piggy Handsome.

Adam Stower illustrates work by a great variety of authors, including Neil Gaiman and Francesca Simon, as well as several books he has written himself. He is well known for his strong cover artwork and charming black and white inside illustrations.






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