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Ology 2 Egyptology Colouring Companion


ology 2 Egyptology The Colouring Companion
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Ology 2 Egyptology Colouring Companion 

Dugald Steer

ISBN 9781783706235

Following the discovery of amateur Egyptologist Emily Sands' journal in 1994,the epic account of her 1926 expedition in search of the Lost Tomb of Osiris was finally revealed to the world.

In this companion colouring volume, Miss Sands' original hand-sketching of the scenes and ancient artefacts along her journey and have been re-illustrated for budding Egyptologists and artists alike.

A fascinating collection of imagery through the tombs, pyramids and mystical sites are expertly and authentically recreated in black line by Helen Ward and

Nick Harris. Original journal extracts accompany each artwork, so step back to the 1920s, open this book and put pencil to paper.

The Author

dugald steer So begins a brief letter from Dugald Steer to an Oxford friend, written in 1894. The letter goes on to explain how Mr. Steer was at that time dividing his time between his lodgings in West Wimbledon and the picturesque Surrey hamlet of Effingham, writing and editing volumes for children when a chance meeting with Dr. Ernest Drake in the Bull's Head Tavern in Dorking made him more than a little curious. Sceptical at first, he therefore took up Dr. Drake's offer to meet him at his house and tour St. Leonard's Forest, where he would have been introduced to the local dragon, had it not taken up residence in the basement of the old Mill building that was the reason for Dr. Drake's visit to Dorking.

Mr. Steer then agreed to attend one of the Secret and Ancient Society of Dragonologists meetings organised by Dr. Drake where he became further involved in Dr. Drake's work, joining him and Douglas Carrel on his expedition to Scotland to try and estimate the hunting range of the Dornoch Wyrm. As he writes, this trip was, "a cause of some emotion, as many of my relatives, particularly the Ross branch, comes from so near." Other books that Mr. Steer is known to have written or contributed to include a selection of children's illustrated titles such as Alison Jay's Picture This and just One More Story among many others.





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