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Get Out Of My Bath


Get Out Of My Bath

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Get Out of My Bath

Britta Teckentrup

ISBN 9780857636362

Ellie the elephant loves to have fun in the bath but she’s not the only one… her fun is interrupted when a crocodile decides to join in followed by a flamingo, then a mouse and even a tiger! Poor Ellie’s bath is ruined. What can she do?











The Author

Britta TeckentrupBritta Teckentrup grew up in a town called Wuppertal. She moved to London in 1988 to study illustration and fine art at St Martin’s College and the Royal College of Art and ended up staying in England for 17 years. Britta has created over 30 books, translated into 20 different languages.

Britta’s illustrations have appeared in magazines, on homewares, clothes and packaging. Britta now lives and works in Berlin with her artist husband, young son Vincent and their cat.



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