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Duckling Called Button


A Duckling Called Button
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Duckling Called Button

Helen Peters

ISBN 9780857638366

‘From underneath the eggshell appeared the little wet face of a tiny duckling. Its shiny round black eyes looked straight at Jasmine. Jasmine felt as though she was about to burst with love and pride. “Hello, little duckling,” she whispered. “Welcome to the world.”’ Jasmine’s dad is a farmer, and her mum is a large-animal vet, so Jasmine spends a lot of time caring for animals and keeping them out of trouble. Unfortunately, this often means she gets into hot water herself…

When a nesting duck is killed in a terrible accident, Jasmine and her best friend Tom rescue the eggs and try to hatch them in an incubator. It’s a risky business but soon Button is running around, getting into scrapes.

Until the day he gets into a scrape with no escape...

The Author

Helen-Peters Helen Peters grew up on an old-fashioned farm in Sussex, surrounded by family, animals and mud. She spent most of her childhood reading stories and putting on plays in a tumbledown shed that she and her friends turned into a theatre. After university, she became an English and Drama teacher. Helen lives with her husband and children in London, and she can hardly believe that she now gets to call herself a writer.





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